Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Star replaces Jon and Kate

So, I am learning that I need a show to watch that is my own. I decided to give up my show- Jon and Kate plus 8 for lots of reasons. I just did not feel that it was helping their family for me to watch their lives on TV anymore. I loved the family and enjoyed seeing the little kids and what they would say. But, I had to stop watching it. I think the show contributed to the stress of the marriage and family life of theirs. I did not want to hurt people that I liked so much- so I stopped watching it.

It was tough, but good.

So, now I am enjoying a new show- Design Star. I love design shows and have been watching this one for a few weeks. There are distinct personalities on the show-- and just like any reality show there is a lot of drama between the contestants. The best thing is that the show is not about their everyday lives. There are boundaries- which is more than I can say for Jon and Kate.

Who knew you decorate a room with apples?


  1. i LOVE design star!! Who is your favorite designer? I think Dan and Lonni are my faves right now...but we'll see!

  2. I totall hear you. It is a good show! I like Lonni and Antonio, but I think Antonio is too abrasive and doesn't get along too well with people. He takes over too much. I am excited about this week!


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