Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can't do it!

So, yesterday I made a goal to work out before work. I have not been able to work out at all since school started. It has been a bit busy for me!-- House stuff, traveling, taking a PVCC class, staying in meetings and planning each day until at least 5 (making my work days 9 hours of craziness). It has been a crazy few weeks.

I have heard so many friends and coworkers talk about how they work out in the morning and it "starts their day off right". I wanted me a little bit of that.

So, I set my alarm for gasp- 5:30 am- and headed to a 6am class. The moment I walked in the group workout room to start class I knew I had made a bad decision. The lights were excruciatingly bright and the music was too loud. Disoriented, I heeded my instructors yelling of instructions.

Run 2 laps, jump rope for 5 minutes, complete station 1- the mountain climber while gripping an aerobics step, 25 jumping jacks, 25 push ups, 25 mountain climbers, run 2 laps, run up and down the stairs twice, on to station 2....

I was onto station 2 when I felt my head start to spin and my heart almost beat out my chest. I decided I was done. I left after 20 minutes of class.

I think not eating anything and not having worked out for a while had a lot to do with it. But, it is way too early for me to be doing anything like that! I don't want to start my day out like that anymore.

So, tomorrow I am planning on swimming a few laps after school- no yelling, no bright lights. Just me, my goggles, and the pool. I think I can do that. :)

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  1. Haha I enjoyed reading this! Yes, the pool might be a more serene way to "start your day off right".


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