Friday, February 12, 2010

How We Met- Part 3

The great place we stayed during our project,  and it was torn down a few summers later. :) But the memories are the best.

We met about a week into our summer project. One of my goals for the summer was to meet each and every college student and have at least one conversation with them during the first 2 weeks. Now I think this is funny because it is the direct opposite of Jason's goal- which was to stay away from 1/2 of the people on our project- all the girls.

We were in line for dinner one night. I found myself behind Jason in the buffet line. I said hi and introduced myself. He did the same. Beyond that it was a flop. I asked him a few questions, to which I got one or two word answers. By the time we had gotten through the line, we parted ways and sat at different tables. I thought he was a VERY quiet guy, and I made a mental note to not overwhelm him with questions again. He didn't seem to like that .

In the next few days, we were assigned to serve teams. One team for prayer, one team for social committee, one team for woman's night (every Wednesday), one team for housekeeping, one team for our weekly meeting,etc. Jason and I were assigned to the same team.  We were put on the weekly meeting team. Our team was responsible for facilitationg our weekly meeting. The one all the college students from our project would attend and the one that the friends we met at our jobs and around town would attend. There was  a worship team, an emcee duo, a skit team, and a testimony team. Jason was made an emcee. This was interesting to me- because I saw him as being so shy. I was put on the skit team. No surprise to me with my outgoing personality.

I would like to say this is when we started to become attracted to each other, but alas this is not our moment. Jason and I although on the same team, did not interact that often. He did surprise me though. He was a great emcee-- he made great jokes and told great stories. He was articulate and did a great job with introducing people and keeping the meeting running.

I don't think he stood out to me above other guys though. I was surrounded by a lot of quality guys that summer, and Jason was just one of them. This would change towards the end of the summer....

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