Monday, April 11, 2011

2 hands...

I know I know. It has been a while. Life with a new baby is interesting. I feel like I have more down time than I did before when I was working as a teacher full time. But, the difference is I seem to always have my hands full- literally. It is hard to sit down and type anything with 2 hands. Ethan is sleeping right now and I am putting off a shower to type this.

Life has been so good lately. It is so fun to hang out with Ethan and see him changing and growing. He is a wild man! He likes being held and cuddled, but he loves trying to stand up, cooing, tummy time, going for walks, and anything that is active. Yesterday, he and Jason watched some of the Masters together. He may just really love his daddy and not golf though.

I have tried to not let myself think that I have to stay inside all the time to await Ethan's next feeding. We went and played frisbee golf with Jason after work this week, we went to dinner at a sit down restaurant as a family on Friday, we have gone to the downtown mall for lunches with friends, and have gone on countless walks around the neighborhood or parks in town. And we have people over at our house constantly. It helps me to not feel cooped up.

I used to think I could not go to the grocery store with Ethan for fear of him freaking out and crying. What would I do? In public? That all changed when I was at Hallmark one day and I was faced with my fear. Ethan started to freak out and cry uncontrollably. I had literally just fed him before we left the house 15 minutes earlier. I didn't think he was hungry and fully expected him to fall asleep. But he was doing his hungry cry (it sounds like he is saying " ma, ma" over and over). I checked out and the lady behind the counter even said "I think he's hungry." So, I took him to the car and sat in the back seat and tried to nurse him. He grabbed right on and ate like he was starving. There I was in the parking lot, sitting in the back seat of my car, nursing my child. And... nothing. What was I so afraid of? People just walked by and didn't notice. Now I figure if he freaks out when I am out with him somewhere, I can always nurse him in the back seat of the car. Which I have done a few times since- but not because he has freaked out-- but because it is a new option for me in going out with him. :)

Here are some more recent pics of our little peanut.


  1. You have no idea how many times I have nursed in the backseat of the car. Dressing rooms are also a great option. I have nursed in the Gap dressing room on many occasions as well. And I was certain that, when the stoplight cam went up, I was going to get a picture in the mail of myself pumping on my drive into to town. You're doing great, Mama!

  2. Way to go girl! I worried about that too with Sadiebug. I didn't end up getting to that option but maybe next time I'll keep that in mind :D


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