Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ethan News

Ethan loves his Daddy.... and his Daddy's banjo!

In other Ethan news, he is learning to put himself to sleep. I still nurse him to sleep, but he wakes up when I put him down. He will cry for a few minutes and then fall asleep. This is becoming our routine now. It's funny how much he has changed in the last year. I remember when I had to wake him up to nurse on both sides. Now, he is so heavy I can't lay him down without disturbing him. Don't be alarmed, his cry is not the screaming cry- it's the "I'm tired and I want to go to sleep" cry. Most moms will tell you there is a difference. :)

We have almost mastered sleeping through the night. Ethan does about 8  hours, then nurses, and goes back to sleep for about 3 more hours. I often wake up right before he starts crying. I look at the clock and think- when is he going to get up? Then he starts to cry from the next room. It's funny how we are so in sync with each other. He nurses for about 15 minutes, then goes right back to sleep. It will be weird to not do that soon.

Here is a pic I shot of him sleeping this weekend. He balls himself up and then sleeps on the right edge of the crib. I almost always find him like this when he is sleeping. 

And your last tid bit. Ethan is an excitable guy. We went to Bodo's this weekend for bagels and upon seeing the ice cream toppings at the end of the counter- Ethan exploded into "Ooooh! Oot! " for a few minutes. He tried frantically to reach out and touch the rainbow sprinkles and dip his fingers in the caramel sauce. Thank goodness it was covered with a plastic barrier.

 Ethan also learned how to pull the air vents up off the floor. He pulls them up and then sticks his face into the duct and tries to touch the dust inside. He even stood up and stepped in it on purpose ( I would like to know what he is thinking!) All the while, squealing in delight. Even the most mundane is exciting to our little Ethan.

As always, there will be more to come as Ethan does more cute stuff.


  1. We loved banjo-playing Ethan! Good jamming! He's getting so big, and smart! Thanks for posting the fun videos!

  2. Haha so this is off topic, but that looks like a breathable bumper in Ethan's crib? I wondered how you like it. I read they were a safer alternative to the usual bumper pad so I registered for one but we haven't used it yet.

  3. Shelli... we didn't use a bumper forever. But then when Ethan started to crawl, he kept getting stuck in between the slats which would make him cry in the middle of the night. We love the breathable bumper. It seems really safe. I don't worry about Ethan suffocating in his crib. Once, he woke up with mesh marks on his face--- from the bumper. That made me really glad we had the breathable one! Hope this helps! I love reading you blog too. Keep writing!

  4. Aww thanks, girl! That is very helpful and I already feel better about getting that type of bumper :) Thanks! You keep writing too. I love your blog :)


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