Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Dedication Sunday

I have been struggling with a few things since having Ethan. Namely, wanting to protect him from anything that I consider harmful to him. A book I was reading suggested that you create a "Protective community" for your child. Their little hearts will absorb anything so the people and situations they interact with should all be pointing them to Jesus. I was really struggling with that. I don't want Ethan to live in a bubble that I create for him, but I want him to know God in a intimate way. How does this work?

So, I prayed. God calmed my heart and reminded me of Hannah in 1st Samuel. She wanted a child for so long and was unable to have one. Then, she gave her boy to God. She sent him to serve in the temple-- where she had been mocked and she knew there were some very unholy people and shady practices going on right  under the priest's nose. She trusted God with Samuel (her son) and knew that she was giving Samuel to her Creator and not the circumstances around Samuel. Her faith was well placed, because Samuel grew up to be the spiritual leader of Israel.

God said-Look I can do this- I can show Ethan who I am. Just be faithful and trust me. Pray that he will have discernment to see me. Pray that Ethan will know me and love me. That's the most important thing. So, I am. I am trusting God to see Ethan through. To love Ethan better than I can and to protect him when he needs it and strengthen him when he needs strengthening.

Dedication Sunday came right on the heals of this lesson. God has a sense of humor and timing. :)  God reminded me that He is the author and perfecter of our faith. It is my job and our church's job to point Ethan to Christ. But it is not my job to save Ethan- because I can't. There were lots of friends and family who came to the service. Ethan is a loved little boy!

Ethan loves Pastor Matthew as you can clearly see in this picture. He used to do somersaults in my belly when he would preach on Sundays when I was pregnant.

Ethan doesn't understand the whole praying concept yet. :)

John and Barbara (Jason's grandparents) and Tom and Lucy (Jason's dad and stepmom) came.


  1. I understand! I struggle with finding the balance between how to properly steward my children, while trusting that God is in control. I love the photo of you guys praying. Wish we could've been there for the dedication but thanks for sharing it here!

  2. I believe God got you to the right answer after you wrestled with it and let God's word speak to your heart. Try to remember that time when you turned Ethan over to the Lord's care. It will see you through some future moments when you're tempted to doubt that God was there to care for little E. God is big enough to handle it if we let Him. You're a good mom and someday Ethan will tell you so! I love watching you grow into motherhood. So beautiful! I love you!


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