Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wet n Wild

Ethan and I attended our first baby swim class yesterday. We got there early and the class started 10 minutes late. Ethan was almost in panic mode looking at the water and dying to get in. As soon as we got into the pool, he started splashing with his hands and squealing in delight. This kid loooves water.

The class was really fun. We sang songs like Humpty Dumpty and Pop Goes the Weasel as we did different things. Some of what we do I have done with Ethan already. I was surprised. It's amazing how intuitive something like learning to swim can be. I did learn a few new tricks though-- like teaching your kid to grab the wall. It's for safety. And blowing bubbles under the water helps them to not be afraid to hold their breath underwater. All very good tips.

Ethan loved being with a class full of other babies. He loves other kids. He was staring at them and trying to make noises at them, but most of them did not understand his advances. :)

The best part was when the class was over and we went to the zero depth pool. It had lots of fountains. Ethan loved holding my hands and walking and playing with the water from the fountain. As we were leaving the class the instructor said, " Bye crazy man!". I thought- she doesn't even know. :)


  1. I loved this story. I am so anxious to see little E...and hear him scream!!!

  2. I wish I could meet your baby :(


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