Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday Nights at our House

Tuesday nights at our house are Community Group nights. Jason and I are blessed to host a group of Christians in our house every Tuesday night. We start with some dessert and conversation, move onto prayer and discussion of the sermon that was taught on Sunday at church, then we split up guys and girls and have prayer time.

It is so fun to hear the heart of other Christians. You think you know someone, and then they reveal a piece of themselves that God is working on. It's beautiful. I love how God uses what people say in our group to teach me more about Himself. I am sharpened as Proverbs 27:17 says and my heart is encouraged. I find myself taking notes during the sermon so that I can meditate on it later and be familiar with the passage preached on before Tuesday night.

We are so blessed to have each other. I am so thankful for each and every one of them!

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