Monday, November 2, 2009


There comes a point every night where I just get so tired that I can't take it any more. I could be watching tv at home or hanging out at a friend's house-- and I fall asleep.

I fell asleep last week watching the World Series at our neighbor's house during the 6th inning. I missed all the good stuff!

And I did it again last night. Jason and I were watching the last inning of the World Series. I watched the first half- where the Yankees gave up one run and the Phillies were in the lead by one run. It was seemingly over. I watched the first 2 batters get out. I watched the first 2 strikes pitched to Johnny Damon. I saw the first foul ball.... and then I fell asleep.

Consequently, this is where the game got really exciting. Johnny Damon hit 5 foul balls before he got a base hit. Then he stole not one but 2 bases. Mark Texeira got on base. And then to top it all off A-Rod hit a home run.

And I missed it all.

Jason woke me up after Pasada got out and the game was over. If I had only stayed awake 20 more minutes....

Mabye next time.


  1. Hey girl! I didn't realize you guys had a blog! Dennis and I joke that we've gotten really old because we remember our early days of marriage when going to bed at 11 was early. Now I'm lucky if I can stay up until 9.

  2. So funny!! You are coming to the dark side with me. :) Sleeping anywhere has always been a struggle for me. You know it well!!

    love you girl!


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