Sunday, November 1, 2009

Something for your Christmas List

I just finished this book:

It is definitely worth the $12.99 you spend on it. It is 174 pages containing 5 stories of missinary women. The women are Sarah Edwards (wife to Jonathon Edwards), Lilias Trotter, Gladys Aylward, Esther Ahn Kim, and Helen Roseveare.

These women's stories contain excitement, adventure, mundane housework, being in prison, working for the Chinese government, and being a doctor. They live in Africa, the Arab World, China, America, London.

This book is written by Noel Piper, who is the wife of John Piper. I highly respect her and her life. She is a wonderful wife to her husband and a great mom to her kids. She was willing to adopt a little girl Talitha when her husband agreed to take the baby if the mom would not abort her. What a story! God's story through her. And now she is writing stories of women that have come and gone on the mission field.

I am going to put another one of her books- Treasuring God in Our Traditions - on my list for this year.

And here is another cool blog to check out.

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