Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Solid Food

Ethan finally did it. He made it to 6 months. This means solid foods for little man. We decided to start this weekend so that Jason and I could both be home and be able to enjoy this experience without the hustle and bustle of our weekly routines. We started with a mushed up banana on Saturday morning.

It was not well received at first. Ethan made a face and then felt the banana in his mouth. He swallowed and opened up for more. By the end of his first feeding, he was getting the hang of it. He is not used to wearing a bib. He liked to try to eat that too. :)

That night, we tried rice cereal just before bed. I was hoping that it might help him to sleep better at night. Although it helped him to fall asleep faster, it did not keep him asleep longer. He still woke up at his usual times during the night.

I made some baby food yesterday- apples. And some more today- sweet potatoes. It is surprisingly easy and does not take that much time. I kinda enjoyed it. I added a little bit of cinnamon to each batch. Ethan loved the apples. I think we'll finish those off tomorrow morning.

I'm just not sure how often to give him solid food and when. We visit the pediatrician tomorrow, so we can talk to her about it in length. Plus we get shots. It's going to be a fun day....


  1. YAY! Congrats on solids! He's such a big boy ... and adorable! :)

  2. Congratulations to little Ethan Jay! Such a big boy now, eating real people food! Looks like he will take to it just fine! Am I crazy, or is his hair coming in red?!

  3. dude - he's a champ. it took Saier like 3 months to actually eat something of substance. ha. and definitely don't believe the myth that feeding them solids will get them to sleep better. sorry chica! Saier is just now sleeping better - 10 months. oh well, they are worth it. :)


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