Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today is playgroup day. In a couple of hours, I will put some cookies in the oven and break out the toddler mum mums. A small group of women and their toddlers will show up at our house and we will play the afternoon away. At least the kids will. The moms will undoubtedly catch up on what happened over the holidays and mull over the latest milestones and worries that go along with them.

Tonight, Jason and I will eat the leftover Chicken Curry I made last night. We will play with Ethan and possibly watch the Netflix movie that has been sitting on our console table for about a month.

Right after this, I will send out the prayer requests from community group last night. I will pray for the women in our group. I will reflect on God's goodness to us and ask for His continued provision in our lives.

I love the tempo of my life in this season. There are times it is stressful- like flying with a wee little child or trying to clean a bathroom with Ethan at my heels- but for the most part, things are good. I am so thankful.

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