Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crazy Town

It's crazy town here. Having 2 kids and a husband with a demanding job is trying my friend.

Emma is 5 weeks old now. In the last 2 weeks we have....

- won an election! Woo hoo!
- had my mom stay with us.
- begun to adjust to having 2 kids.

Let me just say I totally respect Moms more than ever before. This is going around on facebook right now and I get it. This is my life sometimes with my toddler.

Do you want to go to the park?
Do you want to go outside and shoot?
Do you want to have a snack?
Would you like a sandwich or pasta for lunch?

It's enough to drive a woman mad. And her husband too. What a few days we have had. To give the kid a break, we have had lots of transitions. Emma being born. Dad being around more. Grandma being here and living with us and then leaving. Mom not being as focused on him during the day. It's been a lot for Ethan and our family.

Everyone has been wanting to help. We have had so many delicious meals brought to us. We have had so many people offer to do things and take Ethan here or there or come over to give me a break. I get it. I want that too.

But, what I want most right now is to figure this out. How do I parent 2 kids by myself during the day? How do Jason and I stay consistent with discipline and love? How do we help each other out? How do we teach Ethan about how to play with his sister? Or that she is fragile?

I just want some time to figure this out. To get in the trenches and find out what works. To pray and ask God and Godly friends for wisdom. How did they get through this? How did they honor Jesus in it? How do I?

Prayer is needed right now. And some reviewing of the early letters to the church in the New Testament. On my part. For me, having good perspective helps me to love my kids well. Why do we love? Because Ethan can tell me he loves me? Or Emma smiles at me? Yes. What about when it gets hard and Ethan throws a tantrum in public or refuses to obey me or when Emma won't stop crying and I'm tired. Why do I love then? Because I am loved first by God, my Creator. The one who loves me far more than I can love my kids. Because I know and understand that love, I can love my kids well. Perspective, my friend. Perspective.

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