Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birdhouse Adventure

This is the story of our birdhouse adventure....

Our mailbox is one that is attached to the side of our house and does not close all the way. It looks like this.

A few months ago, during a rainy week, we had a bird couple make a nest in the mailbox. It was sweet, but not practical. So Jason shooed the birds away and took their nest out of our mailbox and put it on the ground. He then "fixed" our mailbox with a rubberband, like this. (Did I mention we are buying a new house because Jason is admittedly not good at fixing things.:) )

Being the kind people that we are, we went to Michael's that very night and bought a $5 birdhouse for our bird friends. I painted it and put a sealer on it to protect the little house. Jason nailed it to the tree outside. Problem solved, or so we thought....

The very next day a huge storm came through and the birdhouse fell from the wood peg that it hung on. After some repairs we hung it up and tried again.

The next day it broke again. It turned out the nails that Jason put in it did not even go through the peg into the birdhouse. Oops! So, we enlisted the help of Grandpa Ringle, who can nail and fixed the birdhouse for us like this.

We hung it up again. We waited and waited. No birds. We were very discouraged- after all that work no birds made our birdhouse their home. Until... we saw a bird flying in and out of it this week. And yes, we have an inhabitant. Whew!

Can you see the bird in there?

Our next plan is to move the birdhouse with us to our new house when we move and see if the bird notices the change in scenery.

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