Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh to teach History again!

So, on the last day of school my principal called me into her office and told me that I might be able to teach history again next year! I was very excited. The only problem is that it would be 5th grade Virginia History and I am certified to teach 6-8 grade history.

I took my transcript to our district's licensure lady and she gave me 2 options-- 1. take the Praxis 2 History Test which is VERY hard or 2. look at my hours and see if I have enough hours to get an elementary school teacher certification and take the Elementary Praxis 2 Test which is VERY easy. I chose option 2. We looked at my hours and I was only one math class short! I had to be within 9 hours. I had every other class I needed. Thank you SFA! That is amazing. I was excited...

I took the info back to my principal who was also excited. It will be official at the end of the week-- if everything goes well. I'm praying that it all goes smoothly with the lady in central office who makes all the decisions and the Virgina office of certification.

My advice on teaching is- don't switch states if you don't have to. Licensing is so different in each state.

I am thankful for my year in Special Ed. But I got tired of kids asking if I was a teacher at Walker. The kids I taught knew me, but knew I was a Sped teacher. They may have liked me but did not want to be labeled Sped so they were much less expressive about it. It was a good year, but I missed being a general ed teacher. Not to mention the IEPs and VGLAs! I have so much more respect for Sped teachers now that I have been one.

I am excited about teaching history again next year!

This is a pic that one of my students took of her shoe on awards day. Since, I can't put pics of them on here, I thought I would show you her crazy shoe. I am gonna miss that girl!

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