Saturday, April 30, 2011

TV...what's that?

Jason and I have been watching a little less tv lately. We have our own personal entertainer and I think he's pretty cute. Here are some of the latest antics....

 Tummy Time! Ethan can hold himself up like this for long periods of time.

 Jason and Ethan playing. You can't hear this- but Ethan was laughing like crazy and trying to talk to Jason.
Hangin out with Dad while he checks on the newly planted flowers.

 Finding his feet! So cute. He has also just found his hands and stares at them for long periods of time.
 Taking a bath. Ethan loves to stare at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. I don't know why.
And finally sleeping- with his hand holding his head up. Too cute!

With all of these fun and cute things we don't need tv anymore. :)


  1. too cute!! yea, we don't watch TV anymore either. We're getting rid of cable altogether (read: rabbit ears) and moving the TV upstairs! can't wait. Can't wait to meet Ethan!

  2. We haven't had TV for some time now, and we love it...we actually interact with each other...sadly a forgotten past-time in many homes now. Ethan looks strong and very happy. You two did a good job there!


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