Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ode to Larry Lanier, Teacher Extraordinaire...

I remember my first year of teaching with all of its ups and downs. One of the things that got me through that year was a man by the name of Larry Lanier. He was my mentor teacher. He was a person I could confide in about what I was having trouble with as a first year teacher. He never made me feel stupid or like I was not working hard. He always encouraged me and pointed out the good things I was doing and encouraged me to keep working hard. He even encouraged me to look for a job elsewhere since I was not guaranteed a job my 2nd year. He always wanted the best for me. I ended up staying for a 2nd and 3rd year before moving to Charlottesville. Larry became a closer friend during those years.

He was named "Teacher of the Year" this year at Travis Middle School. He is definitely a teacher who deserves it. He has taught thousands of kids and if you ask any of them who their favorite teacher was- most of them would say "Mr. Lanier". He has played with kids in talent shows, worn crazy ties, drawn in kids with his creative lessons, and treated kids like the people they are. Not to mention that he has some good stories from all the things he has lived through and experienced.

Here are some pics of my friend the one and only Larry Lanier.

He's the one in the Christmas Tree hat. :)

Larry, Kim (also another one of my favorite people), and I


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  2. I appreciate the kind words as I read with a tear in my eye and a tug at my heart. You are one of the sweetest and loveliest of God's creatures.
    love & miss you,


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