Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Death by Cat

I almost died yesterday. Okay that may be a little dramatic, but I was truly scared. I am helping a sister out and feeding her cat while she is chillin in Mississippi with family and friends. (You know who you are Dana Nowell.)

I had just finished feeding the cats and was petting one of them- and he started hissing at me. Then he started to charge me. I couldn't get him to stop! I have never had a cat as a pet and have zero cat experience, so I did what I know, I got out of there fast!

Then I pulled myself together and called Dana. I told her of my near death experience. She told me he has done this to every person who has ever fed him while she is away! Yikes!

So, today I went armed with a spray bottle full of water. I faced my fear. And I am happy to report he did not come after me. I showed him.

So, beware, if you ever feed the Nowell's cats while they are away- bring a spray bottle. It may save your life.


  1. hahaha. i love it! do you think we need to keep one on hand at CG?

  2. don't mess. that's all I have to say. They've both been trained in jujitsu.

  3. the white one can smell fear, so don't turn your back to him...

    I won't go into details, but I'll just say that the previous cat sitters we've had have all ended up on the missing persons list.

  4. This is funny, but very true! Yes Alison I think I will start bringing my spray bottle to Community Group!

    Mayra- I miss you hon.


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