Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long Drive Home

It took me 25 minutes to get home from work today. Work is only 3 miles away! How could this happen?

1. Leave work at 3:45.
2. Get cut off on Roseland Dr. in front of Burley Middle School.
3. Follow a slow driver to the downtown mall (is 20 mph an acceptable speed limit in C'ville?)
4. Drive through downtown- must stop at crosswalks to let multiple people cross.
5. Turn right on Avon and get in a huge line of cars.
6. Turn left on Monticello. At the last second a person gets in front of me in the turn lane and ends up being the last one to turn left. Leaving me with a red light.
7. Drive down Monticello to Sean and Dana's house to feed their cats.
8. Feed cats in about 3 minutes flat.
9. Try to turn right out of Sean and Dana's parking lot towards the local high school and right on Avon.
10. Met with a long line of cars forming because 20+ buses are being let out of the parking lot and traffic is stopped.
11. Someone lets me in and I turn right (yeah- thank you!)
12. Get behind a student driver who turns right on Avon street- just like I need to.
13. Drive veeery slowly down Avon to Palatine.
14. Turn left.
15. Arrive home at 4:10.

Yikes. It could be worse. I could have been in a car accident. I am so thankful that I got home safely after all that.

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