Friday, July 15, 2011

The Brave One

I love to read. Now that I am staying home, I have had more time to read than ever. Not since college have I read so much. Recently, my mother in law let me borrow a book from her called Room. It is about a girl who was abducted and held captive for more than 10 years in a room. She mothers a child by her captor who never knows what life is like outside of that room. It is an amazing story- purely fictional- but one that will make you think of what life might be like to someone in that situation. I would recommend this book.

Along those same lines, Jaycee Dugard was interviewed recently by Diane Sawyer. This woman was abducted at 11 and held captive for 19 (or was it 18?) years. She mothered 2 daughters by the man who abducted her. It was so interesting to watch the interview. She was refreshingly innocent - but I know she has been through the most horrible things. She has found a new and better life- the life she could have had for all that time. It was heartbreaking to see the dichotomy between her abducted life and her family life.

I think it's important to invest a little of myself in this story. To care. To help be aware and do my part to help children and people who need help. It's such a tragedy that for all those years- no one figured out what had happened. No one who could have done something did. I hope and pray that something like this never happens to someone I love. I can't even imagine. I hope that I can help people who have something like this happen to them to find the truth. Here is what Jaycee is doing now. Amazing.

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