Friday, August 12, 2011

10/40 Expedition

Whew! I just finished going on an expedition for the 10/40 window. Or at least I helped lots of kids to.Our church hosted a morning camp all week for kids to learn about Jesus. I volunteered to help out with games.

The camp was really fantastic. It was all centered on the 10/40 window and sharing the gospel and praying for people in that region. The 10/40 window is 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude. It is origination point for all the world's major religions. It contains the most people who don't believe in Jesus in the world. They believe in their gods, but not the one true God.

Each day was a different place and a different focus. It gave the kids some exposure to different cultures in the world. For snack, they would have rice or noodles or whatever kids in that region eat. For games they would play things that kids in that region play.Each group of kids had a "base camp" that was a scene from a different part of the world. We would pray for the kids and people in each region everyday and talk about how God loves them so much. It was a really cool way to explain Christ to the kids and teach them about prayer and sharing the gospel.

There was this character called Addison Venture that showed up each morning. He was a guy in our church who was playing a part- where he was looking for the 10/40 window. He kept having crazy things happen to him. On the last day he finally understood what all the people on his journey were trying to tell him and he "Jumped to J". He accepted Christ as his savior.

I had a lot of fun with games. Each game had a spiritual connection. We would play the game and then talk about a spiritual truth. For example, we played a game similar to duck, duck, goose. At the end, I explained that in our game we had a hole in the circle that we were trying to fill, and we have a hole in our hearts that only Jesus can fill. We were created to know God and only with Jesus in our hearts can we know the one true God. We played a game where the kids had to pretend to be a dragon today. The head had to reach the dragon's tail and pull on it. I explained that the church is like a dragon. There are all different parts- head, tail, body, legs just like there are different kinds of people with different kinds of gifts in the church- singing, cleaning, teaching, saying hi and we need all these different kinds of people to worship God together. It wouldn't work if we were all a head or all a tail. And just like we had to be strong and hold onto one another to be a dragon, we need to encourage each other in the Body of Christ. We need to be strong for people who are having a hard time and need encouragement and help.

I'm glad that I got to be a part of what God did this week. Now I need a good night's sleep! :)

The gaming area... minus all the wild kiddos.

 Ethan enjoying himself in the nursery.

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