Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taking a Break

Jason and I have decided to take a break from leading a Community Group with our church. We have done so for about 2 1/2 years. Each Tuesday night we would welcome a small group (and sometimes a very big group) of folks from our church or who were visiting our church. We would hang out, discuss the sermon from Sunday, and spend some time praying for each other. It was a sweet season.

We have some very good friends as a result of being in Community Group. We have had someone to lean on and hang out with for years. And several someones. We have been blessed. We love our friends.

Jason has had a very full schedule lately. He is (for now) the interim treasurer of our city, almost finished with his Master's Certificate in Local Government Management, the finance deacon at our church, and husband-father-son. It's a lot. And on top of that was leading our Community Group.

So, we decided for the good of our family to take a break from leading a Community Group. We'll still be in a Community Group, just not leading one.

It's been strange in the last few weeks. Last night, no one showed up to our house. It was very quiet. Jason and I played with Ethan. We kept looking at the clock commenting on what we would be doing if our group was at our house. We put him to bed on time and Jason went to bed early.

Tonight, we're visiting another group. It will be the first time we've visited a new group in 4 years. It might be a little weird. I have come to appreciate the little things that Community Group leaders do that go unnoticed. Cleaning the house, getting everyone fed before people come over, preparing for the discussion in advance, planning out the childcare, making sure toys are in the proper place, making everyone feel welcome, making coffee (making sure there is coffee in the house!).... It will be weird to be the new person because we have been the "old people" for so long.

We will miss leading a group, but are ready for this time of rest. It's funny, because in a few months we may not have been able to survive with so many commitments. We love our church and our Savior, and are thankful for the season of leading a Community Group. It will be fun to ease into this season of being parents to 2 children and being able to love on Jason in his busy season.

Some of my favorite times (and things I have pictures of) of our friends we made through Community Group:

Serving some food at PACEM.

Hanging out after prayer time.

Disc Golf at Walnut Creek.

Carving Pumpkins on Dana's birthday... (before they had 2 kids!)

Shopping at Kmart and making some presents for kiddos. 
Cynthia bought the expensive boxes,  and Matt bought the expensive toys.

Sharing a meal at Christmas.

Seeing Alison and John get married. Such a sweet day.

Celebrating the birth of our firstborn.

Cheering on the Hoos Soccer Team.

Being loved on so well by Lynne (and Scott).

David and Esther.

Celebrating Donell and Evonne's wedding together.

Donell and Evonne at their wedding. So stylish!

Celebrating Cedar's Baby Dedication.

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