Thursday, November 8, 2012

Potty Training 101

I never thought I would do so much handling of poop with a child. Yuck. Ethan is 20 months and the poop he creates is not baby like anymore. We are introducing the idea of potty training now. We bought him a potty... that looks like a race car. He knows that it is is his and points at it and gets excited about it. He has yet to actually use it though. Babysteps.

Ethan likes to flush the toilet and say, "Bye Wa Wa!" And he might sometimes flush the toilet after I go. TMI. Sorry. It's the life of a parent. :)

Today after he pooed in his diaper, I changed it and saved the diaper. Then we went to the bathroom and flushed Ethan's poop down the toilet. He was very excited and confused at the same time. I said, "This is where your poopy belongs, in the potty!" He wanted to keep flushing. Go figure.

I have heard from several moms that if we potty train Ethan before the baby comes, he may regress once the baby is here. I'm a little torn on whether to push it or not. The kid isn't even 2 yet. I think going at a slow pace and continuing to introduce him to the idea of potty training is a better bet. It will be so nice when he doesn't have to be changed any more.

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  1. Good try! This area was not one I did well at, but somehow you all got trained!! I think I did everything wrong, but you still got the idea!


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