Thursday, December 6, 2012

Total Dork

I was a total dork today. Ethan and I spent the morning out and I decided to get a trip to the gym in before lunch. I had packed my bag with everything I needed ... except for my tennis shoes.Oops!

Do people even call them that anymore? Should I call them sneakers or running shoes or something? Anyway, there I was in the locker room of my gym with Ethan tucked away in childcare wearing boots.

I decided to do what any self respecting pregnant mom of a toddler would do. I skipped the work out and went straight for the shower. What a treat! Taking a shower without a toddler nearby or soon to wake up is wonderful. There is an endless supply of hot water and time to shave your legs. If I could just get a full sized towel, it would be perfect.

I showered and then got to actually fix my hair, apply makeup, and eat a granola bar without being interrupted. It's the little things.

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