Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool Software Blog

So,I have been to day one of three days of a technology conference. Today, this is something I gleaned from my time there. Judge if you must, but I thought it was really cool.

This blog has a ton of cool software programs collected on it from all over the web. I went on to the website that all the celebs supposedly use to write their Oscars acceptance speeches and this is what I came out with. :)

Your Academy Awards Speech

Thank you so much. But really, it's just an honor to be nominated alongside so many other fabulous actors. I want to thank my agent, who stuck with me after I was found jumping that joy. I'd like to also thank my amazed family, and humbled Jason. I better stop now before I say something handsome. Thank you, and Somebody pinch me!!

This would be fun to look at some more and use for hooks in my classroom....

I will say not all of the content is appropriate. So, you have been warned. Check it out!

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