Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It sure goes up fast!

I wanted to put up some pics of our house that is the process of being built. I can't believe it was just a hole in the ground a few weeks ago!

It started off as just a strategically dug hole in the ground....

then the foundation was poured....

Then the cement wall for the crawl space went up...

Then the first floor was framed...

Our front door- imagine it red!

And most recently (as in today) they started framing the 2nd floor- but it started raining so they had to stop.

I had to post this, this is a pic of our 2 tubs- they are all enclosed- and they are sitting in the island in the middle of our street!

My favorite- Jason and I in the front window. (Thanks Dr. Dana for taking this one.:))


  1. Looks like it's coming along nicely!! You know what would be so cool? If you took an after pic at the same window when it's done!! =)

  2. So fun! I cant wait to see the finished product. Are you going to paint it tan?

  3. yay! that is so exciting!! =D


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