Sunday, May 17, 2009

Purpose Driven Life

So, today Dana Nowell, Alison Baird and I are going to start reading the book The Purpose Driven Life. This a book I have been around for years. It is a book that I have not ever wanted to read. It seems to be mostly application and not a lot of doctrine. But, I think that is good for me. I spend a lot of time reading about and talking about doctrine, so application may be a good thing for me right now.

One of my good friends in college- a roomate no less- read it and had some amazing times with God through it. Plus, Jason bought it and read the first chapter in college. (As a side note, Jason and I have a very bad habit of starting a book, reading a few chapters, and then letting it sit for a long time before we go back to it. I think I am worse at this than he is.)

This book was read by so many people, I think it lost its edge to me. I think it was the thing to do for a few years.There were all these coffee mugs and gift books and magnets. It was too commercialized for me. I never do well with things like that.

So, when Alison said she wanted to read it I offered to read it with her. I think it will be good for me to get past whatever has kept me from reading this book- my cynicism for one. Plus, I get to read it with some amazing girls. I'll keep you posted...

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  1. My old church read this book together as a congregation. On our own of course, but at the same time. I thought it was great and there are very wonderful truths in it that you will always remember.


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