Sunday, July 5, 2009


Thursday was my birthday. I love birthdays. It's the only day when you get to be about yourself all day. Funny how that works.

Some highlights from my day:
- the kids at school all got me a card and signed it saying -- swag on Mrs. V and I love you! :)
- the little down's syndrome girl I taught in summer school spent 30 minutes typing on her powerpoint slide that she loved me, thought I was so cool, and really great over and over. Then she called me over to read it to me and give me a hug. She is so sweet!
- the kids all hid in the room and turned the lights out and yelled surprise when I came in
- Jason brought home cupcakes
- Jason's mom got me one of those fancy coffee maker things Keurig- like a senseo- where you put a pod in, put your cup under it and it makes whatever kind of coffee was in the pod
- Jason's grandparents made dinner and had us over-- Jason and I went to dinner Wed night to celebrate just the 2 of us
- my dad called me 4 times to say Happy Birthday. :)
- I got some great cards in the mail, phone calls, and e-cards

I think that could have been the best birthday I can remember. It was really fun! Thank you if you are reading this and did one of the things that made me feel special on my birthday.:)

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