Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

You thought it was going to be ugly right? Well, we are in our new house and enjoying it more than we thought we would. We love having double sinks in our bathroom, I LOVE the dishwasher, and Jason just bought a fancy grill today that we made dinner on. It is so nice to have something permanent to live in. Not to mention brand new. The 3 bathrooms are amazing and all of our neighbors are so nice. The only bad thing is the parking, but if that's the worst thing, then that's pretty good. :)

As a housewarming gift- Jason's mom bought us a washing machine and my mom bought a dryer. They are so cool. They make fun chime noises when they are done and remind me of the washing machine I used in China (because it sang to you when it was done.)

The panel is very cool and lights up.

The machines weigh the clothes and then decide how much water to use and how long the cycle will be. They're smart.

We also have a fly infestation. That would be the bad thing. They are all over the place. We killed at least 20 flies with a fly swatter until we bought a sticky fly trap. I counted 40 flies on it today! We caught 8 yesterday and 32 today. Gross.

We think that some fly eggs were laid in our house when it was being built. So, hopefull they will all hatch and die within the first few weeks. I should research the life cycle of a fly.

And the beautiful thing is Jesus. He is so good to us. Constantly blessing us when we don't deserve it. He is all we need yet He allows us to have this house and fun things to go in it. He is so good to us.

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