Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a tough life

There is a disease that I think infests a lot of marriages-- the "Where is my _________?" disease. One spouse is the keeper of all the information on where things are and the other is never able to find what they need even if the keeper tells them where to look.

We at least have that disease. I am the keeper of all things and Jason is the seeker. Almost daily he looks for something that is lost-- his wallet, the list that we made of something, chapstick, his Bible, a pair of shoes.. The list could go on and on. I always know right where to look to find it.

We made a budget for furniture for our new house. Jason asked "Where is that budget we made for furniture?" I said "On the coffee table under some stuff." He looked and looked and could not find it. I looked and found it in 2 seconds. This is a daily occurance. I like to say Jason just doesn't see things unless they are labeled and right in front of him (like leftovers that I put in the fridge). He likes to say that I hide things from him. :)

I don't which one of us is right- probably both to some extent. But it sure is funny and it makes me sad for Jason that he can't find anything. It's a tough life.


  1. That is completely accurate for us as well! We always say Russ is a bad looker. I love when he opens a drawer and "can't find" something that is visible to the naked eye!

    Congrats on the new house!

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  3. Jason and I were talking about this last night and he called it "Male patterned blindness"-- funny guy!

  4. if that's you guys' biggest problem, you're good...


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