Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poll to the Right

I am taking a statistics class at PVCC this semester. I have to take it to get an elementary certification as opposed to a middle school certification. I am short one math class. It doesn't make sense because I am teaching 5th grade history. I know, very silly.

So, we have this big project due at the end of class and we have to collect some data somehow to analyze. If you think all the ones in the poll are lame- fair enough. Please leave a comment and give me a better idea. I want to do something relatively simple. Something easy for me to collect.

So far, getting asked questions in class is winning. I think even if it doesn't win I should tally it. It would be interesting. :)


  1. should I even comment on this??? hehe. For a second, I thought you were using your blog to collect your data, and I was like, what?? hmmm, think I'll refrain from commenting, although your blog did make me laugh really loud. seriously.

  2. Other ideas for a poll:
    Number of People wearing seat belts (or not)while driving through a specific location,
    people on their cell phones while driving through a specific traffic intersection,
    length of time cars stop at a neighborhood stop sign (at different times of the day--2nd variable),
    # of students who smile back at you if you smile at them first,
    # of customers in a Starbucks coffee shop in an hour; how many of them stay to chat, read, use the free wi-fi, etc. in an hour.


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