Sunday, October 25, 2009


Traveling today was not bad. Direct flights are awesome and it's nice that there are so many restaurants in airports now.

I sat next to a lady who was very nervous the entire flight. I outright asked her if she was scared of flying and she said no. Then, she proceeded to talk about how the flight was so bumpy and she had never been on a flight this bumpy. She was definitely nervous for a good 10 minutes at the end of the flight. I tried to reassure her, but I don't think anything I said helped.

It takes so long to get on and off flights now because everyone stowes their bag in the overhead compartment. It's definitely cheaper. Jason and I opted to share a bag and pay for one instead of two. When we claimed our baggage, there were only a handful of other bags on the conveyer belt without the usual crowd standing around to collect their bags. They had already gotten them out of the overhead bin.:)

Times they are a changing. Now you pay your parking fee at the terminal and wait 2 hours in lines before you can even get to the gate. I remember when my parents could walk me to the gate to see me off and flights to see Jason were affordable.

All in all it was a good travel day.

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