Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Brother

My older brother just started a blog. Harfoot report-- to the right. He is a teacher, as am I, and an art teacher at that. He works in Dallas ISD- quite possible one of the roughest districts in the country. He teaches at the roughest middle school in that district. Think school uniforms, drugs, shaved eyebrows, truency officers, drug dogs, lots and lots of vandalism, fights, teen pregnancy, on and on. He teaches art and coaches football.

My favorite Ben story:

He bought a finch (bird) - it has been sort of a family thing to buy finches. Living in the dorms in college and they would only let you have a crawfish or a bird, so of course he bought a bird. The bird he chose had one leg. I guess he figured no one else would buy it and he felt sorry for it. He, being the creative mind that he is, came up with a name for the bird. Eileen. Because it only had one leg. That is Ben. Compassionate yet funny at the same time. :)

Ben and Jason shooting Bucks (video game ones) at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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