Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ant Farm

Jason and I got an ant farm for Christmas a few years ago. Jason wanted one because it reminded him of being a kid, and I thought it would be funny. We finally set it up a few weeks ago and ordered ants for it. We received them via mail from Uncle Milton and all but 2 were dead. We put them in anyway and learned that ants are cannibals! The 2 that survived ate all of the dead ants in a very short period of time.

I looked into getting new ants via mail from Uncle Milton. The website said not to mix ants because they may start to attack ants that are not from their colony. I was a little weary but decided to order new ants anyway. I thought we would just throw the 2 survivors outside in the snow and keep the new ants.

We just got the new ants yesterday. I made a mistake and ordered ants for the bigger set than what we have. I asked Jason to help me put in the new ants. I asked him to the throw the old ones out. He said no and that he had been "waiting his whole life to see an ant war". Ha!

So, we put in the new (bigger and more numerous) ants with the old ones. We waited and waited. No war. Mabye they are from the same colony. Mabye they are decided the best tactics for war before they engage. Mabye the 2 survivors know they are outnumbered. Only time will tell. Until then, we will get to watch them burrow. :)

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