Monday, February 22, 2010


Tomorrow I plan on doing one of my favorite things for the kids I teach. I am bringing my homeroom class donuts and orange juice. I love it!

So many teachers "reward" kids good behavior. It tends to end up being used as a threat to behave well to kids that don't. If you don't do this you won't get this. I must admit I do this on a somewhat regular basis. BUT....

Tomorrow I am bringing donuts to kids because I want to. I love the excitement and joy they get from a surprise breakfast. So little work for such fun. I so wish I could bring you along when they walk through the door and see the donuts.

At church one Sunday, Chris ( my pastor) was preaching about how God loves us. He was saying that God loves seeing us have joy in Him. He is glorified and loves when we see Him for who He is and delights in that. He delights in us. I forget the context exactly, I could look in my journal to find out. I do remember in that moment, I was thinking about the closest thing I have to a parent relationship and I thought of my kiddos at school. I thought, what would it look like to show God's love that way to kids?

So, the next week I brought in donuts for the first time. I told them I got donuts for them and to come get them. A kid asked what are they were for. I told him I got them just because I wanted to. I enjoy them and I wanted to do something fun for them. I think they were just as excited that strings were not attached as they were about donuts.

I got a lot of thank yous (because the kids I teach are awesome-- I am a little biased though) but I so enjoyed the anticipation of their happiness and the delight of seeing it. :)

Anyway. I am excited. If you happen to be at Spudnuts tomorrow morning at 7am-- I may see you there!


  1. Aw! Faith, that's awesome! I'm blessed by that. I love that you would do that for the sweet little ones. :)You would be my favorite teacher if I was a student there.

  2. What a great idea! I may need to borrow this idea from you for my students...what a great way for them to feel special and appreciated by you :)


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