Friday, March 12, 2010


The last 2 nights have taken a toll on my brain. Today I told my students that 650,000 Americans died in the Civil War when really 620,000 men did. I told a class yesterday that FDR did not die while in office, when he in fact did. My brain is a mess with the history details this week. Sad for a woman who is teaching history. I think to clean up these 2 mistakes I need a corrections discussion. Like a newspaper does to correct mistakes in their previous printing.

Mabye my brain will be back next week.

I am very good at helping kids to understand things and see the similarities and differences between events. I taught the holocaust yesterday and Jim Crow laws today. I tied it together with the idea of segregation. Some seperate themselves based on religion, while others have done it because of race.

Next week I am teaching Massive Resistance. Growing up in Houston, this event is very new to me. I did not learn that much about it in Texas- even in college. It just was not significant there. I think this time will be fun to teach, not because of what happened, but because of the value of the lesson to be learned.It is far more important than remembering history facts and details.

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