Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pick up game

When Jason got home from work yesterday, we took the soccer ball to the field by our house to kick it around a little. By the time we arrived, there were already 12 guys warming up for a game on the field. Jason and I found a corner and did our thing.

They were about to start and we were going to leave when they asked us to join. Jason was elated. I was nervous. The best credit to my soccer skills is the fact that I was the best player on my team---in 3rd grade. I had to quit after that because my single parent mom could not work long hours and keep up with my 2 brothers and my soccer activities.

Jason jumped right in positioning himself as a forward. I hung back and played goalie. I figured I couldn't make my team hate me too much if I played goalie. Jason had 1 assist on goal. I had 2 saves. Only 1 goal got in on my watch. That was Jason's assist.

We had a good time and are enjoying our neighborhood. People are friendly and always outside. I think we will try to get in on the game next Wednesday too.

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