Sunday, September 11, 2011


The family went to the Outer Banks this week.... Jason, Ethan, and I that is. We thought camping with a soon to be 7 month old was a little ambitious.  We met up with some good friends who were also spending the week there and had some great times with them. We discovered that Ethan can sit in one of those restaurant high chairs and eat baby food while we eat our meal. It made us more mobile to do that with him. He did try to eat sand again but we were on our A game and kept him from his favorite salty snack. We went to a few pools and beaches and he loved every minute of being in the water.

We stayed in a family friend's condo that had a lot of mirrors. Ethan loves mirrors. He would crawl up to one and start screaming at his reflection. He loves looking at himself. All the furniture was a good height for Ethan to cruise around on. He could grab onto the coffee table and walk around it.

We went onto this fancy pier to watch the fisherman and to see the huge waves from hurricane Katia. Ethan loved the wind and screamed every time the wind blew really hard. It was hilarious.

My favorite times were when we would go take walks on the beach at sunset. It was beautiful and the weather was so nice. And because of hurricane Katia, there were huge waves and the surfers would be catching their last waves of the day. It was really fun to watch.

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  1. Sure looks like you had a great time! Lots of good smiles on all of you! Ethan "screaming" at the wind is funny! He is really expressive!


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