Friday, April 30, 2010


Why can life be so stressful? What I would have given just to stay home today-- clean the house, make some food, read.... 

I seems unnatural to have to be anywhere ready to function at 7:30 in the morning. Should I really be expected to eat lunch at 10:30? In 20 minutes? That's right I said 20.

Today I got to eat lunch with some of my favorite girls at school. I love all the kids I teach, but these girls crack me up. We talked about cell phones, nintendo ds(es), what they can cook, what their favorite meal is, what's new with their families, little brothers birthdays, the new popcorn store on the downtown mall. They are so light hearted, I love it. They were my favorite part of the day. :)

30 more days with them. I'll miss those girls. But not SOL tests or 10:30 lunches or stressful situations at school.

What jobs have later hours to arrive at work, long lunches, reasonable ending hours, that does some investment into eternity? Hmm.

Did you know that most teachers leave after 3-5 years? Burn out y'all. That what it is. Kids can be stressful and the whole system can be stressful.

Hence, TGIF!

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