Friday, April 2, 2010

You wanna bet?

One of the kids I teach is amazing-- many of them are. But this kid is especially amazing in his intellectual abilities. He gets in trouble in my class daily for his spunky behavior but has a great attitude when he is corrected.

My class had a test yesterday, and I gave my kids a few minutes to study beforehand. I walked around to supervise. The spunky kid said-- I'm gonna make a 100! I said, I hope so! He said-- let's make a bet. I said sure. I secretly wanted to motivate him because I know he can make 100s but doesn't always focus.

So-- this was the bet. If he made a 100 I buy him a dozen spudnut donuts. If he doesn't, he must write a 2 page essay on the civil war and turn it in to me.

I passed out the test and he took a long time with it, checking and rechecking. He finally turned it in.

I got the results and ............. today I brought him spudnuts! I was so proud of him! Not only did he make a 100, but 6 other kids did too. They were all joking that they should have made a bet with me. :) But, I brought them Bodos yesterday. I am like the breakfast lady this week. So, I don't feel bad about our bet being unfair.

Go kiddos! Bring on Spring Break!

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