Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was in my Wednesday Deep Water Excercise Swim Class tonight. The standard procedure is to shut the entire pool down to make room for our 45 minute class. Tonight a lane rope was still up and a lady was swimming laps. I thought this was unusual but mabye something had changed about the rules- mabye they are letting one lane stay open for laps.

10 minutes into class I found out the truth. The lady had been asked to leave several times and refused. Finally, she turned to my instructor and in front of our whole class yelled, "Do you really need the entire pool? Can't you have class with the amount of space you have?" She had-- this class is stupid and not as important as my laps --written on her face and in the tone of her voice. My sweet instructor informed her that we needed the entire pool and that we would be out at 5:45.

The now mean lady huffed and retreated to the shallow end of the pool...where she did laps using the wide part of the shallow end of the pool! We usually run the length of the pool in between excercises but our sweet instructor modified our workout to avoid the mean lady.

The mean lady got out of the pool then proceeded to pace next to us giving us dirty looks. She finally went into the locker room.

At the end of our class, everyone was talking about how they couldn't believe this lady had been so mean. After all we pay to be in this class. It's on the schedule.

When I went in the locker room, the mean lady was talking to someone about her church. and her interim pastor. and on and on. I wanted to scream at her. It made me so mad that she was so rude to our class and then wanted to talk about how Christ was doing all these amazing things. What a hypocrite.

I know I am a hypocrite too, but I pray I am never like that. Ugh. I'm glad I excercised self control. Mabye I shouldn't have and should have talked to her. What do you think?

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