Thursday, July 1, 2010

South Dakota- not for the faint of heart

What is my husband's obsession with this place in South Dakota called "The Badlands"? He desperately wants to go there. He brings it up every few weeks. Does he know it's called "The Badlands"?

It is near Mt. Rushmore and a statue of Crazy Horse. But The Badlands are basically a desert in the middle of South Dakota. The Black Hills are nearby. But, seriously, the middle of South Dakota? Who dreams about South Dakota? Mabye Jamaica or Italy or even Australia, but South Dakota?

I want to encourage Jason's dreams, but I don't know if I am willing to invest a 17 hour car trip to fulfill this one.

We were watching the History channel tonight (something we often do) and there was a segment of the show about The Badlands. He made a point of pausing the DVR and waiting until I was absolutley paying attention to press play. Then he kept saying, "huh? huh? It's not that bad." To which I replied, "Then why is it called The Badlands?" Good point, I thought.

It is a dream of his and I recall his dream of visiting The Grand Canyon our first summer of marriage. I recall being overwhelmed by the 12 hour drive across 3 states. There was a woman who told me to go along for the adventure. To see where the trip might take us in our marriage. I am glad that I listened to her. It was one of the best trips we've taken. Not to mention the start of a very adventurous spirit in our vacations.

Can I step out in faith and tackle The Badlands? Not today. But, one day I will.

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  1. i googled images of the Badlands and it looks beautiful!!! never woulda thought south dakota would have that!


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