Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friends and Meals

We have been so blessed with meals from our friends. We have had lasagna, chicken pot pie, roasted chicken with spanish rice, and tacos.We even had a "special delivery" one day on our doorstep. A friend had gone to the store and bought us a bunch of breakfast food and left 3 bags of groceries on our doorstep- including fresh fruit, bagels, and even flowers. We are so loved. Plus, it has been wonderful to see people everyday when they bring food over.

They put me to shame. I remember when I made a dinner for some friends who had just had a baby. I brought over a breakfast casserole. I was not sure if it had been cooked all the way through, so I told them it may need to be cooked a little while longer. What a fail! I bet they had cereal that night instead of eating my casserole. I will do better next time.

Some of our friends also made a coupon book for us with things we can redeem- like trips to the grocery store or a homemade dessert. Today, I redeemed a manicure/pedicure session with my friend Destiney. She came over with all of her goodies and we soaked and pampered our hands and feet. It was so wonderful. My feet have been so swollen for months. I have not been able to reach my feet to do a good job on my nails for a while. So, now with my feet back to normal and the ability to reach them- they got some love. Boy did they need it! It was fun to hang out and catch up with Destiney at the same time.

I am feeling a little couped up and in need of getting out and connecting with people. These meals and coupons are helpful to get me reconnected with the world. It will be a few weeks before I feel ready to go on bigger outings with Ethan other than a walk or a visit here or there. I want to enjoy him while he is so young, before he starts doing things that older babies do- like sitting up and babbling. It is so fun to just look at his smallness. He is so cute. :)

Here are a few more pics.

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