Sunday, February 27, 2011

Worst Job Ever

So, let's take a break from little Ethan. Jason and I were picking up a pizza for lunch the other day and Papa John's just so happens to be next to a income tax store- Liberty Income Tax. To advertise for the store, they hire people to stand on the street and advertise. This girl had the job of dancing in a statue of liberty outfit next to the street so that people would notice the income tax place. How embarrassing! I sat in the car with Ethan for a few minutes while she danced and Jason picked up the pizza. She was going crazy. People honked at her and even yelled things out their windows. She yelled back and laughed at what they said. I wonder how long her shift is. Sitting there for 15 minutes seemed like an eternity of her dancing. She seemed to enjoy it but I think I would hate it.Dancing in front of people in a situation where it is awkward. Wearing a costume. People honking at you. In any weather.  I think this job has got to be one the worst out there.

Once again I can't get the pic to rotate. I need to work on that.

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