Friday, June 24, 2011

The Beach

We took Ethan to the beach this week. What a hoot! I set the boy down on a towel near the sand. He looked around for a minute, reaches out to touch the sand, and then starts pummeling it in his mouth by the fistful.I was not expecting that! It went down in good fun, but came out with some trouble. He was pooping it out for days. What a wild child!

Then, we took him to the pool. He was more civilized there, wanting to watch the waterfalls at the pool.

Jason had a conference with his work, so we tagged along. Jason and I packed our things together in one suitcase. Ethan took up the rest of our car with his bathtub, pack and play, toys, stroller, diapers, etc. It was a good time, but more work than any other vacation I've been on. The memories are better though.:)

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