Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Last night was one of the worst nights we've had with Ethan since he was a  week or two old. He is just starting to crawl and wants to practice all the time. He got up 3 times last night- the 2:30 waking was the worst. This is how it went down.

2:30 cry- Mom goes in to check on Ethan and tries to get him back to sleep without feeding. Unsuccessful. After a full feeding and diaper change- Ethan is placed back in crib. He will not fall asleep. Mom pats his back and gives him a pacifier. All he wants to do is roll over and try to crawl. Mom leaves hoping he will wear himself out and fall asleep.
3:05 Mom is in bed for about 3 minutes when Ethan starts to cry again. Dad goes in to try to get him to sleep. 20 minutes of leaning over crib, patting him on the back, while on his side is unsuccessful.
3:30 Mom's turn. Mom tries again for 30 minutes. Gets super frustrated because Ethan is wide awake and trying to get to stomach to crawl. She leaves room and gets Dad.
4:00 Dad attempts again and is successful.
4:30 Ethan is asleep but Mom and Dad are wide awake.
5:00 Mom and Dad are finally asleep.

This was a looong night. I don't know what got into Ethan except the fact that he was trying to crawl every time we went in there. Practice makes perfect kid, but not at 3:00 am.

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