Friday, July 22, 2011

Boris the Bear

Ethan loves his bear. Jason and I took it upon ourselves to name him Boris. We know another bear by the name of Boris who belongs to the Muntaneu family. They are Romanian and have funny names for several of their children's toys. Ethan loves his Boris.

We were very fortunate to become such good friends with Daniela and Stelu when their daughter was just a baby. We saw them go from a family of  2 to a family of 3 and change so much.

They lived in an efficiency apartment when we first met them. They invited us over and we walked in and saw- a bed, a huge desk, a pack n play, a tiny kitchen with a tiny dining room table and one bookshelf. I thought- where are we going to sit? I learned very quickly that these people were the real deal. We had the best time that night. When it was time for Lavinnia (their daughter) to go to bed- they put her down and turned out  the light. We sat in the dark for a good 5 minutes in silence. When she was asleep the light came on and we continued our evening. We sang and talked and laughed. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Daniela would have me over for dinner each Thursday and we would go to a Bible Study together. Jason and Stelu would play ping pong or video games for hours. Daniela and I would cook together or get coffee and talk. It's a rare thing to find a couple that both Jason and I are such good friends with.

I miss them and would love to have them close. Daniela would be able to offer me so much wisdom and compassion with new motherhood. She is a wonderful mom and I use her life as a measuring stick for mine often. If she can do it, I can do it. It keeps me going sometimes.

Daniela and 2 of her kids- Adiel and Elyse.
 Lavinnia and her Princess Esther dress she made with her mommy.
Stelu and Danutzza

Love them. So, we have Boris as a daily reminder of some of our best friends ever. 

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