Sunday, September 25, 2011

Book Resolutions

It's not the New Year- but that does not mean that resolutions are out of the question. I love to read. In fact, I credit my love of reading with my poor eyesight- achieved while reading in the car at night as a child. The dim light did not help my eyes.

I love to read several books at a time. I am currently reading a parenting book, a Christian devotional book, and a novel. Actually, I finished the novel yesterday. I would love to journal more, but with Ethan, writing things is sometimes out of the question. I have a box of journals in the attic. It is so much fun to go back and read about what I was thinking through different seasons of my life.

I took Ethan to the library last Monday for story time. While we were there, I checked out a book for myself. I thought it would take me forever to read it. But, I caught myself reading snippets during nap times or going to bed early to catch a little time with the book. It's Sunday night, and I have finished it! Very unexpected. So tomorrow, I plan on getting another book. I would love to get back into reading more and finishing books sooner.

The book I read this week was The Preacher's Daughter. It is a series about an Amish girl named Annie. She is an artist and has to choose between her art and joining the Amish church and staying with her people. I am learning lots of things about Amish culture--including the fact that they don't like to distinguish themselves and be unique. It's against their culture. Art is a way to do that.  It's very interesting. I am ready for the next book.

I also recently read The Help. I have heard endless things about it and loved it. The book lived up to all the hype. It might be the best book I've read this year. Jason and I went to see the movie last weekend and I bawled. It was so good and did a good job staying with the story from the book. A few things were different, but it transitioned really well to the Movies. I loved the story. It is so moving and powerful. And funny. Minnie was amazing. I loved her commentary in the book. So good. If you read one book this year, this is the one to go for.

If you have any books to recommend, I would love to hear what they are. Drop me a comment. :)

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