Friday, February 3, 2012

What a Beautiful Morning! (and some pictures)

Last night, Ethan slept from 9:30-7. Wow. Yes! I've learned that I was not feeding him enough during the day. Now, I bring snacks everywhere we go and feed him breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a bedtime snack. I am trying to give him finger foods, but the kid only has 2 bottom teeth. Peas and carrots are more than 2 teeth kind of snack. Nonetheless, we are trying.

I on the other hand, have not been sleeping well when Ethan does. My body still wakes me up at sometime during the night. I force myself to lay still and not think too much... hoping this will help me fall asleep faster. I am always tempted to get up and go to the bathroom. Or look at the clock and calculate how many hours of sleep I have gotten in this stretch. After a year of this, it has become routine.

Hopefully, I will be able to break the routine soon and Ethan will keep sleeping through the night. I nursed him at 7 and he went back to sleep until 8:30. It was a beautiful morning. :)

Ethan is saying, "Mmm!".

Ethan still loves the park and now we bring his ball EVERY time. 
It is a hit with making friends and playing with friends.

Ethan  loves to read. He does this all by himself. 
It makes me feel guilty and like I should go read to him... 

Notice the favorite purple ball in the background. 
This was also Ethan's first time to ever wear jeans.

Bath time hair.

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