Friday, March 23, 2012

Naptime and Other Musings

It's funny how every stage of having a kid presents challenges. Some might argue that some stages are more challenging than others. I think the challenge we have right now is cake compared to having a teenager. :)

Our current challenge is the napping situation. Ethan is becoming unpredictable in his nap times. I used to put him down at 11 and know he would sleep for at least an hour and a half if not two. Now, he isn't even tired at 11. So, I have been pushing his nap time to see if he could go down for a nap when he is really tired and sleep for a long stretch. It hasn't always worked. Yesterday, I put him down at 12ish. He woke up at 1. Then we went swimming and he slept for over 2 hours around 5pm.

The doctor said that we are in a weird napping stage. That this is completely normal and eventually he will just go down for one nap. So, in the meantime I am going with the flow. It's tempting to sit around the house and wait for Ethan to get tired. But a semi-tired toddler bored in a house is never a good idea. :)

So, today we had some fun. We met Dad downtown for his lunch break and went to the Discovery Museum. Jason loved seeing how excited Ethan gets. Ethan was literally running around trying to play with everything. It was so cute. I think he was even more excited than usual because Jason was there. I think Jason has a mini me. Here are some pics.

So, Ethan and I ate at Baggby's next door. I say ate loosely. I fed Ethan and attempted to keep him calm while I picked up some food to take home. He fell asleep in the car and is currently still sleeping. I think this nap will be that good long stretch I am looking for. :)

Have a wonderful Friday!

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